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Yearly Events


Coastal Thrivers Women's Retreat

Coastal Thrivers Corporation and TBA join together to create a healing retreat for survivors looking to make a energetic difference in their lives and the lives of those that have experienced sexual trauma as well. 

"Dig-in to life. Be a Thrivers!"

“For the Health of It.”

Coastal Thrivers will come together with TBA this Labor Day weekend to support survivors from sexual abuse and their families. Thanks to the in-kind and monetary contributions of local businesses and private individual donors from throughout the central coast of California.

Coastal Thrivers provides the opportunity to discover your own self-care needs by offering space, materials, and experiences for peers to learn the art of self-care together. TBA specializes in taking care of you and your needs. They customize the program for your needs and health concerns. Coastal Thrivers Founder Theresa Wolfe says, “Coastal Thrivers is a peer network that encourages and empowers those that choose to thrive after sexual trauma and crisis services. Our goal is to provide yearly retreats that facilitates continued healing and growth through fun recreational activities, body awareness, educational materials, and soulful nourishment. During your stay, we have the privilege of serving you, so your time is used for learning and healing. We are here to embrace healthy living, honoring our presence, and unlocking joy."

The retreat is for women who have survived sexual abuse and are striving to thrive. Coastal Thrivers with TBA will provide a 4 day and 3-night experience where you can tailor your own wellness program during your stay at TBA, a health-oriented Bed and Breakfast Spa. Enjoy its secluded tranquility on a hilltop on the Central Coast of California with views overlooking the Pismo Dunes and the Pacific Ocean. Revitalize, rejuvenate, and rest your body, mind, and spirit in our unique healthy non-smoking low-key environment. Our full-service day spa offers facial rejuvenation, massages, and body treatments. Our total wellness programs combine exercise, healthy eating, and education to help you establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We tailor your program to your needs and goals.


Cost: $300 per person

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Coastal Thrivers Retreat includes:

4 days and 3 nights stay at the TBA

Which includes:

  • Three nights and four days stay

  • Gluten free breakfast

  • 1-hour Research Presentation on Diet and Exercise   

  • One 45 min. massage per person

  • Mid-day smoothie

  • Afternoon tea and gluten free muffins

  • Use of all facilities (heated 50’ lap pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, and complete fitness center).  


  • Healthy foods provided by our local organic farmers

  • Yoga session with Extending Grace Yoga, Tami Sonnabend

  • 1 group Kayak Excursion with Central Coast Kayaks

  • Book Review: Beyond Survival: "Living Well is the Best Revenge" by Yvonne M. Dolan

  • Meditation & Prayer: Awareness of the present moment—acknowledge own emotions, body and soul, the states of being of those around me, our purpose, with gratitude. 

Experiencing activities with our peers affect our attitudes, social, and cognitive functions. "Healthy peer interaction has been said to develop a wide range of behavior skills, attitudes and the ability to adapt."

Come join us. Dig-in to life. Be a Thriver.

Thank you,

Theresa Wolfe

Theresa Wolfe

Founder of Coastal Thrivers Corporation Network

For more information email us at coastalthrivers@gmail.com or call us at 805-458-6385. Let's set a date!

Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CoastalThrivers/.

We look forward to meeting you!