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I Am Passionate About Inspiring Others

I'm a Thriver, an altruistic survivor that understands what it's like to live in silence. Holding in the fear and shame for forty years kept me confined, not able to share my true feelings and truth with others.  It wasn't until I felt like I no longer had any control that I looked deep into my own eyes and said, I know I can't do this alone and I called out to God, "I surrender everything  to you. Please, forgive me, heal and guide me.  I trust you. God, you are first in my life from this day forward!" Right after that moment of letting go and letting God, the weight of the past felt lifted and joy filled me. Anger, disappointment, and stress was absent from my thoughts. Clarity and mindful respect in word and deed took presidency. 


My life has become an adventure. Every day God leads me away from the painful grip of incest. I fully have forgiven my father and older brother for exposing me to incest and I love them for all the many pearls in life they blessed me with. My dad, a wonderful father, shared with me many adventures during my youth. I learned how to be creative, draw, build a pool, shoot a gun, hunt, scuba dive and shoot billiards. We traveled and explored the United States by motor home and flew to Guam; learned about culture. But the greatest pearls he left me was the belief in God and a poem he loved written by George Linnaeus Banks called, "What I Live For."

Every day I work towards making a difference in my life by purposefully learning something new to better my life but more importantly to share what I have learned with others, so they don't spend the majority of their lives in hiding worrying what everyone else thinks filled with guilt and fear from something they had no control over. I am here to share with victims and survivors there is a way out of the pain, shame and blame. 

What I Live For


I live for those who love me,

Whose Hearts are kind and true;

For the Heaven that smiles above me,

And awaits my spirit too;

For all human ties that bind me,

For the task by God assigned me,

For the bright hope yet to find me,

And the good that I can do.


I live to learn their story

Who suffered for my sake;

To emulate their glory,

And follow in their wake;

Bards, patriots, martyrs, sages,

The heroic of all ages,

Whose deeds crowd History's pages,

And Time's great volume made.


I live to hold communion

With all that is divine,

To feel there is a union

'Twixt Nature's heart and mind;

To profit by affliction,

Reap truth from fields of fiction,

Grow wiser from conviction,

And fulfill God's grand design.


I live to hail that season

By gifted ones foretold,

When men shall live by reason,

And not alone by gold;

When man to man united,

And every wrong thing righted,

The whole shall be lighted

As Eden was of old.


I live for those who love me,

For those who know me true,

For the Heaven that smiles above me,

And awaits my spirit too;

For the cause that lacks assistance,

For the wrong that needs resistance,

For the future in the distance,

And the good that I can do.


                       --George Linnaeus Banks