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We have received our determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service that states Coastal Thrivers is a
509(a)2 Charity organization exempt 
under IRC Section 501(c)3.
EIN 82-0839167
  • Tell your friends and family that there is a peer network for altruistic survivors from sexual abuse here in San Luis Obispo County.

  • Local businesses collect donations to help survivors. 

  • Talk with your circle of professionals and inspire people to be involved.

  • Raise funds to support events to be hosted.

  • We are searching for some mindful creative professionals that are willing to help support in areas of kinesthetic recreation activities, sexual abuse trauma, psychology, horticultural therapy, spiritual meditation and prayer, professional in law, accounting, office and program management, event coordinator, race director and the many volunteers from our community.

  • We are in need of a building that would provide a sanctuary for those who Thrive. This building would be close to the beach, have a large room that would hold conferences, yoga classes, have a large outdoor area for gatherings for meetings, parties and games. The building would need two or three rooms for offices, a lounge, kitchen, and men and women's bath and locker rooms.

  • Then, we would need to furnish and provide the proper equipment and supplies.  This all takes a team of loving financial supporters that see this vision into a reality.


Thank you AMPSURF for making it possible for those that are seeking to thrive the opportunity to ride the waves, possibly for the first time in their lives! I met Jim Stitt, President of AMPSURF in the summer 2012. He has been an encouragement and friend from the first day we met. 

Photo by Amy-Lynne Hilderbrand

Coastal Thrivers needs your generous donations to set the foundation for healthy support for survivors that choose to make a difference in a positive way. If you see something on this list you are able to donate, please contact us at CoastalThrivers@gmail.com or call 805.458.6385. Thank you!​

  • A home for Coastal Thrivers Corporation

  • Recreational Corporate Vehicle

  • Office Supplies 

  • 3 10 X 10 Canopy tents

  • 3 folding tables

  • 2 Ice chests

  • Marketing Materials

  • Marketing Opportunities 

2017  AmpSurf "Learn To Surf Clinic"

Photo by Amy-Lynne Hilderbrand

Thank-you Heart to Heart for Supporting Coastal Thrivers by coming out to Run in our 5K Beach Fun Run and taking 2nd in the women's division! You rock!


Need to sell your house or property?

Buy or sell with Heart to Heart Real Estate, they'll donate 50% of their commission to support survivors to become Thrivers!

.2019 Coastal Thrivers 5K Beach Fun Run/Walk

Photo by  Nyla 

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