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Coastal Thrivers Corporation is a Recreational Peer Network for Thrivers, Altruistic Survivors from Sexual Abuse and Assault.  We want to provide recreational activities for peers to further the development of socialization, spiritualization and creates new muscle memories that increases health and well-being.

A dear friend and I were talking about what matters the most in life and it boiled down to love and how God changes our imperfections by just being faithful and allowing Him to shape us into something more beautiful than we could ever imagine.  My friend said it best. "Our stories in life are pearls in progress, they are meant to be shared. Unlike a diamond...it's cut, clarity, color & carat weight after man is done, determines it's value, unlike the pearl who's value is not determined by what man does to it. It simply is valuable in it's natural state. Instead of being cast out because we become an irritant, God is using all of our experiences so we can become jewels for His kingdom. Because only through His refinement can we Shine and reflect the light...no other gem can offer joy that's everlasting. Mathew 13:45"                                                                     --Corie Allessie 

She is a true pearl in my life. 

Tres Wolfe

Founder of Coastal Thrivers


A Coastal Thrivers is someone that has been sexually violated in their life time and has turned their life around, where they no longer function as a victim or a survivor. They function altruistically, driven to help others by informing, supporting, and contributing to other individuals who need the support from a  peer network of Thrivers. We are not here to just survive but to Thrive!


"Dig-in to life. Be a Thriver!"

--Theresa Wolfe Founder

CEO of Coastal Thrivers Corporation


Coastal Thrivers mission is to facilitate holistic recreational activities designed for a peer network of “Thrivers,” altruistic survivors from child sexual abuse through adulthood and sexual assault. Provide opportunities to engage physically, intellectually, and spiritually which can impact individuals emotionally, for the purpose of increasing health and well-being for their body, mind, and soul.


Coastal Thrivers is to create a haven for survivors to socialize and participate in physical activities with others like themselves while learning and practicing the art of self-care; gaining control over the state from being a victim, to be the hero of one’s own life journey, and to share these strengths altruistically collaborating within the community, in order to inform, and eliminate stigmas and abuse all together.


Trauma affects our whole body; mentally, physically and spiritually. We want to address the trauma that lingers within the body by creating new muscle memories. By regularly participating in physical exercise and leisure activities with an encouraging and supportive peer network, a survivor can create a new healthy life style for their future.  

God, The Word of God, God's Love for us, The Love we have for ourselves and others, Grace and Mercy, Respect and Human Rights, Assertive Behavior, Balance, Integrity, Peace & Joy.

Matthew 28:19; II Corinthians 13:14, Matthew 13:45-46


Coastal Thrivers works on a volunteer bases. We rely on grants, angels, sponsors, volunteerism, in-kind donations and cash donations to support our programs. We provide public events; for instance, Running Events, Dinners, Gala's, Retreats and Seminars. 

VOLUNTEER.  An applicant must be 18 or older or accompanied by an adult guardian. 

  • Coastal Thrivers Public Meeting Tuesday

                Tuesday, March 10th, 2020 At 6:30 --7:30 PM

  • Coastal Thrivers 5K Beach Fun Run & Walk 

                 Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 


we hope to have a building that will facilitate much of our indoor and garden activities. Some of the activities we look forward to nurture are; support group meetings, dinners, teas, yoga and meditation, Bible studies, a library, and drop in social worker that can help with finding services, school financial support and job preparation. The outside would provide opportunities for horticultural therapy, lawn games, and  the ability to rent out the space for weddings and parties. A haven for Thrivers to nurture themselves and others on a daily bases!


As Thrivers, we practice the same tools that are given to survivors during their crisis counseling and encourage self-care while participating in activities with our peers. Engaged in self-care activities outside and indoors, testing our skills in a peer guided environment to gain the confidence we strive to achieve, creating new muscle memories for independence and confidence, empowered in ones own life. Also provide activities for survivors with other agencies. Call for details.

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Thank you for considering applying for a position on Coastal Thrivers Board of Directors. Please send your resume to our mailing address.

Coastal Thrivers Corporation

P.O. Box 502  

Pismo Beach, CA 93448