5K Beach Fun RuN & walk

Has gone virtual!

Due to COVID-19 PANDEMIC, Coastal Thrivers May 2nd, 2020 Running Event has been moved to a virtual event. All participants are asking to map out their own 5K run or walk and send in their recorded on-line proof of completion to and we will send you last years t-shirt and a certificate of completion with a sincere thank you!  We wish we could do more but due to shelter-in-place we can only offer what we have in stock while supplies last. We also have extended the time to complete your 5K. You can start any time after registration until May 10th midnight. So tell your friends, register and enjoy your run to support Coastal Thrivers!


With Sincere Gratitude,

Theresa Wolfe 

Pismo State Beach

Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Look for the Coastal Thrivers Banners! 
5K Participants will receive 
T-Shirt, Finishers Medal, and Refreshments!!!



This is a Coastal Thrivers Events:                                                                                         

TBA Race Director will be hosting this race.


Coastal Thrivers 3.1-Mile Beach Fun Run & Walk 
May 2, 2020, at the beach front, where Addie Street Parking Lot meets the sand, the 2nd Annual Coastal Thrivers 5K Fun Run & Walk will start. Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 is the beginning of Coastal Thrivers 3.1-mile run and will be held annually. The event will be held on the scenic coast of Pismo Beach, California. Coastal Thrivers has created unique finisher medals. When Athletes complete the 5K run they will receive a beautiful reminder to encourage and empower those that have been sexually abuse or assaulted to “DIG-IN TO LIFE AND BE A THRIVER.”

Describe Metal: 
A beautiful botanical plumeria flower represents the new creation that emerges from within the survivor, where new life is formed, positive charm and grace characteristics flourish, and is celebrated.
Athletes can sign up for the 2020 5K run and walk during the month of December and receive a $5 discount. All participants will receive a Coastal Thrivers T-Shirt during packet pick-up. Finishers will receive their medal after the race. If the race is not run the T-Shirt can be picked-up during packet pick-up or after the race. All transactions are final and considered donations if not utilized on the day of the event. Note: If event date must be postponed to a later date, all paid participants will be honored at the new race date.

This location and distance were specifically chosen because each mile on the beach represents the 3 stages of what a person goes through from being a victim, to survivor, and then a Thriver. The first mile is the initial experience, the victim experiences physical and emotional pain, overwhelming feeling of fear, brokenness, helplessness, and hopelessness. The second mile represents the survivor’s great courage and strength it takes to except what’s happened and to begin the process of healing, and where hope and laughter begins to emerge. The third mile represents the discovery of forgiveness, gratitude, takes pride in healthy personal care, lives in the present, has faith, lives with an open heart, creates peace, finds joy, and encourages others to, “DIG-IN TO LIFE AND BE A THRIVER.” The running event is meant to challenge and condition runners, but also to inform our community on how to encourage victims and survivors to seek the help needed to become empowered within the community. The course goes from soft sand to the packed sand and back to soft sand again, where the runner must DIG-IN TO LIFE FOR THE FINISH LINE!

5K Beach Fun Run & Walk at Pismo Beach, CA
Running or walking in the thick sand is for everyone capable of running or walking a 3.1-mile trek on the beach, so we consider this beach run and walk a moderate level course and fun for the whole family…Just Try!
We invite the entire family to come enjoy the activities – Coastal Thrivers events will always include various giveaways, and refreshments that are fun for everyone. Please leave small children with a non-participating adult. No strollers, or pets during this event. Also, no headphones of any kind are allowed for the safety of all participants and bystanders. Thank you! It will be a flat and enjoyable run. The 5K race will start at 9:00 A.M. and ten minutes later the 5K Walk will start.  Please note: to receive guaranteed swag participants must enter the 5K or Walk before the cut-off date of April 2nd, 2020!

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